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City schemer Silva taking tips from Giggs

By Simon Mullock, 26 February 2011

City schemer Silva taking tips from Giggs

David Silva will be at Manchester City for the full stretch – after taking up yoga to help him cope with the bumps and bruises of the Premier League.

The Spanish playmaker, who cost City £29million when from Valencia, admits he is having to learn to cope with the school of hard knocks that is the Premier League.

The 25-year-old now shares the same yoga teacher as Ryan Giggs.

Silva said: “The Premier League is not more dangerous than La Liga because you get people coming through the back of you in Spain as well.

“But there isn’t as much space here to perform like there was back home, so you must be quick to stay out of harm’s way.

“For me the key is to sharpen yourself up so you can avoid those types of challenges.

“I’ve taken yoga up with the same teacher that Ryan Giggs has. It has given me another way to stretch out my muscles after games.”

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