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Sports Yoga Classes in Chester


If you are based within striking distance of Chester, come along to a class and try for yourself.

I have been teaching for over 10 yerars, have 11,000 accredited teaching hours and hold the highest teacher qualification – which means that you get the benefit of all that hands-on knowledge and experience in my classes.

My classes are all about you and your body! Allowing you to move more freely, more fluidly, more efficiently. Allowing you to go on doing all the wonderful things in life that you enjoy doing.

I teach two Sports Yoga classes on Monday evenings - these classes move from higher energy standing and core work building strength, stability, balance, coordination, through to deep, longer passive stretches creating a supple, flexible body.They will challenge your strength, your balance, your flexibility even your breathing!

Classes are great for yoga-people, but also for runners, bikers, amateur footballers,  swimmers, everyday athletes and anyone wanting to get their body moving again..

They are great fun, warm and friendly and you will be very, very welcome!

Thank you,

Sarah Ramsden


+44 (0) 7762 382125




Sarah Ramsden is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.


I teach 2 fantastic Sports Yoga classes on a Monday to build strength, stability, balance and flexibility.

Mondays 18:30 - 19:45 - Introductory Class

Mondays 20:00 - 21:30 - Intermediate Class


Introductory drop-in class, Mondays 18:30 - 19:45.

What is the class about? Fun, faster-paced class to build a good foundation of flexibility and strength. Moves from higher energy standing sequence, through core work to longer static stretches.

What are the benefits? Perfect class to begin your journey of unwinding, re-aligning, strengthening, lengthening and un-tensioning!

Who is it for? Excellent for anyone new to yoga, returning, or just interested in getting their body to move again!

Intermediate drop-in class, Mondays 20:00 - 21:30.

What is the class about? A stronger class to challenge your flexibility, strength, balance, concentration. Like the Introductory class, this class builds around a main sequence, but is a more physically demanding class!

What are the benefits? Continue creating a beautiful, balanced, strong, supple body that moves like you used to!

Who is it for? Great for yogis with some experience, and everyday athletes wanting to increase flexibility, core strength and functional movement.


£8:00 drop-in (£5:00 concession)
Or £7:00 per class when you buy a block of 6 classes! Use these on any classes with no time limit! Just come when you can.


Campbell Community Hall,
St Paul’s Church,
Chester, CH3 5BR

Directions & Parking
From Chester centre: Pick up the A41 Whitchurch road and head out of town on the Boughton Road dual carriageway. Go straight on at the traffic lights (where Hoole Lane joins Boughton on your left), and turn left after the Bike Factory and park as soon as you can. St Paul's is opposite you on the main Boughton Road. The Campbell Hall is on the left of the church (double red doors).
From Christleton Road or Tarvin Road: Come to the one way bit by the Bill Smith Motor Cycle Shop. Turn left down Sandy Lane and park as soon as you can - otherwise you'll get stuck on the dual carriageway into Chester. Walk back up Sandy Lane and cut through by the Mount Pub and onto Boughton. St Paul's is on your left. You'll come to the Campbell Hall just before the church (double red doors).

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Sarah Ramsden

Sarah RamsdenI’ve been teaching yoga for more than 10 years with 11,000 accredited hours and hold the highest teaching qualification. Creating more fluid, freely moving bodies is what I do professionally - I work pretty much fulltime in Professional Football and my classes combine my sport and anatomy knowledge with the amazing practice of yoga. This means that you get the benefit of all that hands-on knowledge and experience in my classes.
I began doing yoga in my 30’s whilst living in Asia and it is definitely the best thing I ever did for myself. I qualified in the UK with Yoga Alliance and have their Senior Yoga Teacher qualification – but it is all the learning and teaching that I’ve done since that really counts.


Do I need to have a yoga mat?
No – I’ve got loads.

I’m a complete beginner – are the classes ok for me?
Yes absolutely! Maybe start with the Monday Introductory.

Can I join at any time?
Yes – there are new people joining all the time – and I teach to allow for that.

What style of yoga do you teach – Iyengar? Hatha? Astanga? Dru?
I wouldn’t worry too much about the styles of yoga –it’s about finding a class that works for you! I teach with a strong emphasis on anatomy and alignment, but also with faster-paced, strength-building sequences. So there are elements a bit like Astanga and Iyengar but it’s all based now on my ten plus years of teaching rather than a particular style.

What do I need to wear or bring?
Wear comfortable leggings / bottoms and a reasonably tight fitting top (otherwise it will fall over your head occasionally!). Socks and top layers for warming up / cooling down.  Water is good. A sense of humour really helps.

Do you do meditation or the yoga philosophy?
I do a very short relaxation at the end to allow your body to relax and adjust to how it has been moved in the class. I don’t teach the other aspects of yoga directly (meditation, breathwork and cleansers) but your body will do a lot of that for you as it unwinds, frees-up and quietens down. For some people - like me - the bodywork side of yoga in the classes can lead to a personal journey into meditation and deeper health – but that’s not the main focus of the classes.


"Thanks Sarah, I loved it and will certianly be back! I loved your focus on precision and technique - something I've not always found in other classes. I enjoyed the challenge as have found other classes local to me have simply been enjoyable and relaxing but that I have plateaued in terms of my progression in those classes." Carly

“Hi Sarah - I absolutely loved your class so will definitely be there tonight. I’ve tried a few types of yoga over the years and really like the pace and focus on posture of yours. It’s surprising how many yoga teachers don't check and correct postures. See you later!” Lara, 30’s. triathlete

"Since I starting classes the practice has helped me to further understand my own physicality from helping to increase my coordination, balance and flexibility. My posture has improved dramatically!!! This practice continues to challenge with every class." Matty, 20’s, all round cardio & strength training.

“As a tall man, I used to suffer from lower back problems from time to time. Since starting yoga, I've had no problems with my back.” Gareth, 40’s, mountain biker & hill walker.

“Yoga has been fantastic for me! I don’t think I would be playing football at my age if I had not taken yoga up.” Mike, 50’s, football & rowing.

“What a kind message to receive! I think it’s me who owes you the thanks. It was indeed an enjoyable if rather challenging session and some of my muscles are reacquainting themselves with me today, all good reminders that they need a bit more attention! I did feel the session was just about at my limit but so informative and I love your aims which make a great deal of sense. You are clearly used to working with athletes (they all looked very fit in the group!) and it was so helpful to have some of the areas rather prone to injury being developed. I’ve strained my groin a few times and am a bit wary of stretches but your advice on how to strengthen and support that part was very useful. “ Sarah, 50’s, runner, cycler, swimmer, hill walker.

“Yoga really helps to reduce the amount of niggling and annoying injuries that plague most runners. Since practicing yoga once a week, it is unusual for me to suffer  from calf strains, hamstring pulls, tight quads or aching gluts the day or two after competing in running or cycling events.” Paul, 50’s, fell runner & road biker.

“I've been managing a vulnerable back since I acquired my first back injury, supporting a gymnast when I was 22.  Now at the age of 61 I continue to row at national and international masters events and yoga helps in this management enormously. I don't need to visit the chiropractor so often, as I can often realign my back myself. The extra flexibility helps with my rowing and the core work helps improve stability in my (very narrow) boat. Steve, 60’s, rower.

“I keep aerobically fit by jogging three times a week, and with the weekly yoga sessions and including yoga exercises' post jogging I keep pretty fit and ache free. The yoga core exercises have certainly improved my running style and balance.  My posture and postural awareness has improved with the yoga, especially effective in countering the negative effectives of too much computer use and slouching on the sofa post work.” Guy, 50’s, runner.

About Sarah Ramsden's Work

Yoga has been fantastic for me! I don’t think I would be playing football at my age if I had not taken yoga up.

Mike, 50’s, football & rowing


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