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What is Sports Yoga?

Sports Yoga trains flexibility, fascia and functional movement in players. It keeps them moving freely and efficiently.

Sarah Ramsden 'Sports Yoga' is whole-body flexibility, functional movement and core training. Sports Yoga has been developed specifically from my 9 years' experience of working full-time in elite football, including 7 seasons to date with MUFC and MCFC.

'It isn't about doing a bit of generic 'yoga' or 'pilates'. It's about understanding the demands the game makes on players.'

Sarah has worked at MCFC and MUFC since 2007 – including U16, U18, Reserve and Senior squads. Previously she has worked at Derby County, Hearts and Preston North End. Mairwen works with full first team squads at Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Wigan Athletic and Preston North End.

How players benefit

  • Staying supple and sharp. Increasing range, suppleness and freedom of movement. Decreasing muscular / fascial tension.
  • Core strength and switch on. Improving stamina and functional strength through precise core training.
  • Reducing Injuries related to muscular over-use / restricted joint movement / core weakness.
  • Extending careers by avoiding stiffness and loss of sharpness. Just like Ryan Giggs.
  • Creating positive training habits in younger players so they stay supple and actively engage in 'looking after' their bodies.

How it works

  • Football specific training of range, fascial re-patterning and low load core stability. Working with both groups and individuals to help players keep supple and flexible (within normal ROM limits), combined with low load inner-system stability to provide control of movement.
  • All training is based on functional movement relevant to football to keep players supple, moving more freely and more efficiently.
  • Training is designed around straightforward ROM and core screening. Players can understand what needs to change, why, and how they progress.

Football specific approach

  • This approach has been developed based on nine years working with elite footballers / top teams to address the adaptations created by playing football.
  • Players will describe the training as 'yoga' but we are not conventional yoga or pilates teachers. The primary aim is to train ROM and stability relevant and appropriate to football.  This means a more intelligent football-centered approach drawing on elements from yoga, pilates, fascial and neural retaining, sports science / anatomy training as appropriate to each group or player.
  • Specific expertise has been developed to work with common football related issues – with the experience to work with players at end-stage rehab.
  • Sessions are adapted for each club, group and player as no two clubs, groups or players are the same.



The yoga has definitely helped me. It helps me train every day because it gives me the flexibility and the strength not only to play the game but to train as well.

Ryan Giggs, Manchester United, 1990/91 to 2013

About Sarah Ramsden's Work

Yoga, pilates, stretching… it works. For someone like me it works.

Gary Speed (1969-2011), whilst at Bolton Wanderers Football Club.


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